Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alright Charles. Let's do this thing.

Well I feel a little bad about starting this dumb blog but never posting anything in it. Even though I hate the popularization of "blogs" being based around retards posting their stupid opinions about things and being totally ignorant of related facts. Since I do that all the time anyway I figure I should hop aboard the gravy train while the gravy's hot!! No no nope. Please don't mind how idiotic this all seems whoever is out there. I am tired of perusing the same five websites and not doing anything waiting for something to change.

Anyways I'm just gonna write something here each day. Since I can't commit to exercising or losing weight I figure I will just write. Write about anything. I don't know anything. It's like self imposed therapy or something. I've never been good with therapy. It's hard to get psychiatric help when I think psychiatrists and psychologists are basically swindlers. Nobody's time is worth fucking four hundred dollars an hour. What am I paying you for? To listen to me ramble about nothing and suggest some input that I could have gotten from being high or some shit? I could talk to a bum for free and all he'd ask for is maybe five dollars or just a cigarette. God damn. Well there's more I want to write about but I am worried if I write down all my ideas on one post I won't have anything to write about the next day so I'll just say "Adieu!"

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