Saturday, July 24, 2010

my ideas

an alien whose body is comprised of lightning and comes from a planet of similar beings is sent to earth with his brother as ambassadors and they take on physical forms which they are bonded to and they are taken to area 51 where scientists experiment on them to try and understand them because the world is now run by war-like robotic dictatorship and they experiment on his brother first and end up making him go sociopathic and after learning from that experiment they succeed in making them stronger in some way but the main alien only suffers mild intelligence loss and not total insanity. (thus making him "average" minded) they then wipe his mind and send him off to work in a fast food restaurant with a disheveled robot general from the losing side of a robot war that took place a hundred years ago.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Well I went to the doctor yesterday. The eye doctor. He did some shit with a syringe going through my eyeball or something and dropped fluid down my throat which proved nothing was wrong. Then I freaked out and reportedly went totally pale and my eyes felt funny and my hearing became dulled out and I had to lay down for a few minutes. So that was fun and entirely pointless.

My birthday is in a week on the 31st. Can't wait to feel obligated to go somewhere cause it's my birthday and I have an unpleasant and uncomfortable day with my family. I just remembered my birthday last year when my sister just gave me 100 dollars. I don't remember why but I gave it to my mother I think as part of a payment so she would buy me something expensive and then she never paid me back in any way and then she lost her job in December. I remember one birthday my family was like "so do you wanna go somewhere for your birthday" and I said "Yep. To sleep" because I was on a sleep during the evening schedule. I don't know why but I always get shitty presents. The only really good present I've ever received was a gamecube for christmas and all I played on it was Metroid Prime.

The absolute worst Christmas was when I got an acoustic guitar. I tried learning it for all of five seconds. Then the worst birthday was just before I dropped out of high school after receiving the same shitty laptop I use today. That was four years ago. So here's to the big 5 year anniversary next year of not having a fucking computer that works worth a shit and here's to my 19th anniversary of a life that isn't worth a shit either.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I played Rock Band 2 on Sunday. I was able to pretend my way through vocals on several songs but eventually my vocal chords got the best of me and I went back to playing the guitar which I haven't played in a year and my hands are no longer contorted and twisted.

Maybe more posts later.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is Friday's post

Well I don't really have anything to write about today either but tomorrow I am going to help out my sister build some furniture or something and probably play Rock Band 2. I can't wait to wow them with my vocal skills! I think I have strange eating habits so if a day sticks out I will list the things I ate. Today I ate 4 pieces of baked chicken with ketchup and about 5 hours later I had a single cup of noodles. Throughout the day I have been eating an uncomfortable amount of candy. I ate all the sour ones I could find first and now my tongue is very sensitive so to "balance it out" I was eating the sweet gooey ones like starburst and laffy taffy.

Does anyone remember that terrible hip hop song from like 5 years ago that was just "GIRL SHAKE YO LAFFY TAFFY" over and over again? I think it's funny how those lame dance hip hop songs are the definition of fads. They're played nonstop on the one hip hop radio station in town and in clubs (or so I assume, having never been to a dance club myself) and then they just suddenly disappear and they go from SLOW MOTION BABY UNNNGH to HEY THERE MISS NEW BOOTY to SOULJA BOY UP IN IT HO to GIRL SHAKE YO LAFFY TAFFY. Unless you're Katt Williams in which case ERRYDAY AHM HUSTLIN has never faded out.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let's pretend that never happened.

Forgot to write here yesterday. I had my toe surgery and the first day is always the worst. It keeps oozing leftover pus and refusing to clot. So Friday's post will just be a link.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


In my desperate search for something to entertain me and fill time so I don't have to actually do anything productive I started replaying Bioshock for the third time. I discovered an "unlock framerate" option that lowers the visual quality and increases frames per second. I wish more games had these because I am addicted to smooth running video games.

I have an appointment tomorrow to have an ingrown toenail removed. I have had around ten ingrown toenails in the last several years. This one in particular pisses me off because I had a permanent procedure on the nail. I am starting to think this doctor is screwing me over. I remember the first few times I had them done and I was really sensitive and it was painful. Now when I go there it's just business as usual and if there is any pressure it barely phases me. Unless the nail is really bad and he might have to numb it up more. Oh yeah. That's the part that always bothers me. The procedure usually goes like this: The doctor rubs what I think is iodine all over my big toe to sterilize it. Then he uses a "freeze spray" to numb the surface. This is the most painful part. It's like ice cold needles falling on your toe. The next part is less painful and more uncomfortable. He inserts a needle in several spots and slowly injects a numbing chemical. Then you wait in the room for ten minutes or so while your toe slowly becomes totally numb. After that time passes he comes back and takes out a large pair of clippers and takes off a giant chunk of nail. Then it bleeds profusely for a few hours so he puts on a large amount of bandages and this thready gauze that always gets stuck to the wound after the blood starts to clot. It doesn't come off until you soak it in warm water and epsom salts later on. The doctor always prescribes an antibiotic (in my case Cephalexin) and if I request it some painkillers (usually Hydrocodone). It will normally completely heal in about two weeks and starts regrowing in a month.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alright Charles. Let's do this thing.

Well I feel a little bad about starting this dumb blog but never posting anything in it. Even though I hate the popularization of "blogs" being based around retards posting their stupid opinions about things and being totally ignorant of related facts. Since I do that all the time anyway I figure I should hop aboard the gravy train while the gravy's hot!! No no nope. Please don't mind how idiotic this all seems whoever is out there. I am tired of perusing the same five websites and not doing anything waiting for something to change.

Anyways I'm just gonna write something here each day. Since I can't commit to exercising or losing weight I figure I will just write. Write about anything. I don't know anything. It's like self imposed therapy or something. I've never been good with therapy. It's hard to get psychiatric help when I think psychiatrists and psychologists are basically swindlers. Nobody's time is worth fucking four hundred dollars an hour. What am I paying you for? To listen to me ramble about nothing and suggest some input that I could have gotten from being high or some shit? I could talk to a bum for free and all he'd ask for is maybe five dollars or just a cigarette. God damn. Well there's more I want to write about but I am worried if I write down all my ideas on one post I won't have anything to write about the next day so I'll just say "Adieu!"