Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is Friday's post

Well I don't really have anything to write about today either but tomorrow I am going to help out my sister build some furniture or something and probably play Rock Band 2. I can't wait to wow them with my vocal skills! I think I have strange eating habits so if a day sticks out I will list the things I ate. Today I ate 4 pieces of baked chicken with ketchup and about 5 hours later I had a single cup of noodles. Throughout the day I have been eating an uncomfortable amount of candy. I ate all the sour ones I could find first and now my tongue is very sensitive so to "balance it out" I was eating the sweet gooey ones like starburst and laffy taffy.

Does anyone remember that terrible hip hop song from like 5 years ago that was just "GIRL SHAKE YO LAFFY TAFFY" over and over again? I think it's funny how those lame dance hip hop songs are the definition of fads. They're played nonstop on the one hip hop radio station in town and in clubs (or so I assume, having never been to a dance club myself) and then they just suddenly disappear and they go from SLOW MOTION BABY UNNNGH to HEY THERE MISS NEW BOOTY to SOULJA BOY UP IN IT HO to GIRL SHAKE YO LAFFY TAFFY. Unless you're Katt Williams in which case ERRYDAY AHM HUSTLIN has never faded out.

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