Thursday, July 15, 2010


In my desperate search for something to entertain me and fill time so I don't have to actually do anything productive I started replaying Bioshock for the third time. I discovered an "unlock framerate" option that lowers the visual quality and increases frames per second. I wish more games had these because I am addicted to smooth running video games.

I have an appointment tomorrow to have an ingrown toenail removed. I have had around ten ingrown toenails in the last several years. This one in particular pisses me off because I had a permanent procedure on the nail. I am starting to think this doctor is screwing me over. I remember the first few times I had them done and I was really sensitive and it was painful. Now when I go there it's just business as usual and if there is any pressure it barely phases me. Unless the nail is really bad and he might have to numb it up more. Oh yeah. That's the part that always bothers me. The procedure usually goes like this: The doctor rubs what I think is iodine all over my big toe to sterilize it. Then he uses a "freeze spray" to numb the surface. This is the most painful part. It's like ice cold needles falling on your toe. The next part is less painful and more uncomfortable. He inserts a needle in several spots and slowly injects a numbing chemical. Then you wait in the room for ten minutes or so while your toe slowly becomes totally numb. After that time passes he comes back and takes out a large pair of clippers and takes off a giant chunk of nail. Then it bleeds profusely for a few hours so he puts on a large amount of bandages and this thready gauze that always gets stuck to the wound after the blood starts to clot. It doesn't come off until you soak it in warm water and epsom salts later on. The doctor always prescribes an antibiotic (in my case Cephalexin) and if I request it some painkillers (usually Hydrocodone). It will normally completely heal in about two weeks and starts regrowing in a month.

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